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After being together for 14 years, we had talked about our wedding a lot. We always knew we wanted to get married on a farm with a barn, but no established venue really stuck out to us. We had already been looking at properties and houses to buy, so when we got engaged in July 2021 it just clicked! Both of us having experience in the wedding industry, Nick in culinary, Katrina in makeup, it only made sense to marry the two and create our own wedding venue!


We found the perfect property of 4 acres with a small 1950's farmhouse. The house was our first project. It ended up being more work than we thought, as most remodels do, but we were able to take the time and make it our dream home. We finally got it finished enough to move in Nov 2022.


Once we finally completed the house, we set a wedding date of October 21 2023 and it was time to start planning and building the barn. It was a long process finding the funds and getting the plans, but after 6 months of thinking "is this going to work? should we just rent a tent?", the stars aligned and we were able to pull it off! Nick learned a lot about how to build a barn, and with the help of friends, family, and an amazing contractor we enlisted to help along the way, we got it framed in a total of 3 weeks! We put the finishing touches on in the final weeks leading up, including painting the front 5 days before to get it camera ready. 

As we stood up there, in front of the barn, in front of our closest friends and family, our dream became reality. It was not only a special day because it was our wedding day, but because we got to share our hard work with our loved ones, and now we want to share this space with you!

-Nick and Katrina, and Theo, Schaller



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